I have been developing this concept since I began planning our wedding in October and finally feel that I am ready to launch, in phases, what I will call Garnish. I have known all my life, but realized even more during our wedding & engagement, that attention to the smallest details is what makes something count. The cherry on top, the icing on the cake, the zest.... you get the picture- the GARNISH!

I envisioned every single detail of our wedding weekend and absolutely loved it. BUT, reflecting on the weekend, I realized that even with the overwhelming sense of accomplishment and excitement that came along with seeing it all come to life- the surprises were still the best part. The things I didn't know about, or the little things I had planned under the radar for others, were the little extra that took it from well-executed to unforgettable. The surprises were the Garnish that took it over the top for me.

If I had one piece of advice for a family planning a wedding (because it is truly a family effort), I would say leave room for surprises. Even for a type A planner that knows exactly what she wants (me)... the surprises are the greatest and most important moments.

My family has always been great at celebrating. It is a true strength of ours. We celebrate every. single. little. thing. Maybe this is because we love an excuse for a dessert or a steak, but I like to think it's at least partially because it's just so fun to be excited for each other! My parents raised me to have a "The more the merrier" attitude and taught me to celebrate my accomplishments, but also to jump at any opportunity to celebrate others. I live by this every day.

To me, Garnish isn't just a sprig of greenery on a plate, or a twist of lemon zest in a spritzer, but the little extra oomph that lifts a notable moment to a special one. Whether it be a long-distance champagne delivery, a surprise package, or just being there, I try to add Garnish to moments for my friends and family and appreciate every sprig of Garnish others enhance my life with.

I've got plans for Garnish, but this is phase one. So for now, this will be my space to write about times others Garnished my life's moments, and ways to be the little extra for others. All things extra- here. For starters, I am excited to blog about the things that pushed our wedding weekend over the top for us & hope this will inspire efforts to go the extra mile for others every now and then!

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