Garnish Comes To Play

This post will not just apply to brides, but to everyone who for one reason or another may use an online or long distance vendor for anything collaborative or creative. One of my favorite things to do is help brides, friends, shower hosts, etc create. Whether it be invitations, napkins, cups, signage, or anything else that comes to mind- all are a fun touch that makes a moment more memorable when it's something you're excited about. I have had fun over the years through marketing jobs and celebrating of my own, finding the best bang for my buck and the vendors whose creative processes I can trust. Nowadays, the internet puts thousands of printing companies and creatives at our fingertips - but where do you start!? For some, this is a very intimidating process- that's where Garnish can come in. If you are in need of the Garnish for a party, shower, or just life in general- let Garnish know! We can help with the final touches that push things over the top. Huggers, Cups, Napkins, Fanny Packs, Buttons, Etc- you dream it but think it's too much- we make it a reality. Let Garnish be the liaison between your dreams and the creatives to minimize hassle, reduce stress of managing a creative process, and reach the end goal- getting you the fun stuff you wished for that makes your life just a little bit better! 

Some instances where Garnish comes to play:

"I want to make sure I love my Save The Date, but don't want to hire a wedding planner and I don't really know where to start."... Enter Garnish

"I send out the same generic family holiday cards each year because all of this stationary and creative website stuff is just too much. Plus, who has time!?" ... Enter Garnish

"I am throwing a shower and have the location and tons of ideas but I really want to outsource the details that will take it from a get-together to a special and cohesive event." ... Enter Garnish

"I am planning a bachelorette party and I've seen really fun stuff on Pinterest, but I want it to be personalized to this bride." ... Enter Garnish

"I am so excited to throw a party and I am great at being a host, but I want to find some really stand-out invitation options without breaking the bank." ... Enter Garnish

Our goal is to free up some of your time, relieve some stress, and overall help to create what you envision that helps your fun memories become the best they can be! You go focus on finding your perfect party shoes and tasting some desserts- let us handle the details. 



Let's jump right in ...

My biggest advice to any bride would be to PRIORITIZE. There are never-ending moving parts that make up your wedding weekend. You can make this list as short or as long as you want, but it will grow endlessly if you let it. Of these moving parts, it was important to determine what was paramount to me, and other things that just weren't. It's crazy how different this list is for each bride. In some cases, you don't realize how important a moment or tradition is to you until it's time to plan your own. 

Of course we used this planning process as an excuse for many steak meals, cocktails, and desserts as a family. Every time I had a question or a new development, that called for a dinner at Jesse's to discuss. After going thru an overview with my groom and my parents- I separated details of our wedding into groups (see below). Some of these wants were extremely specific. Those are things I have dreamed of always. Others were just things I knew I wanted done right. I am limiting this list to our wedding day because the rehearsal dinner is a whole nother post, but also SO fun to visualize and plan!

V IMPORTANT. Graysi's Must-Haves:

  • INVITATIONS with an oak tree envelope liner
  • Venue (complete with massive oak trees)
  • World's largest cream cheese and pepper jelly (good food in general)
  • Dance floor delivery (Krystal's & Krispy Kreme specifically)
  • Substantial Gold flower earrings
  • Gray/Blue thistle in bouquets
  • Motown Band (and sizeable dance floor)
  • Photographer that uses natural light
  • Foam huggers (NOT collapsible)
  • Clear & genuine message of gratitude to guests (signage and programs)
  • Sweet & simple ceremony
  • Pre-Nuptial champagne
  • My Mom's homemade cream cheese iced cookies
  • Champagne, Champagne, Champagne!

Secondary Priorities. These are things I knew were important, but wasn't as passionate about.

  • Wedding Logo
  • Wedding dress/Suits/Bridesmaids' dresses
  • Lighting
  • Bathrooms (This should probably be higher on the list)
  • Rentals
  • Flowers (I surprisingly was not picky about this)
  • Hair/Makeup
  • Hotel Block
  • Calligrapher
  • Oyster Shucker
  • Ceremony Music

Necessary, but not a focus overall:

  • Wedding Cake (Dessert Table)
  • Golf Carts
  • Favors
  • Wedding Shoes (Keds with big bows)... I knew I would end up barefoot.

*It should be noted this is just my priority list, not the order in which they should be taken care of. Supply & demand/market conditions 100 percent dictate which facets of your wedding you should take care of first and last ... & sometimes that doesn't follow your personal priorities.

As I started contacting vendors, I would find myself saying "I think I know what I want, but I've never done this before." That's important to keep in mind. No matter how much of a planner you are, no matter how many events you've coordinated, you're going to discover facets of a wedding that you forgot even existed. These vendors are used to dealing with first timers- the majority of brides haven't planned a wedding before. Ask questions. Research. Shop markets. Don't take everyone's word for something being the best - a lot of times you may disagree or find another option that's off the beaten path. 

As the high strung person I am, I was determined to remain a calm-ish and non-abrasive, graceful-ish bride (I tried ha). Prioritizing up-front is a large part of what kept me even-keel through my planning experience. There are things you've dreamed of your whole life- you've got to make those happen (with help). Then there are things that are just necessary- still on your list, but not with as much emphasis. Don't stress the stuff that you're just "supposed" to have. If you don't want it, I say mark it off of your list.

You cannot worry about every little thing. It will suck all the fun and happy out of your planning. Know that in the end, the day will be your best day & the things that go right will be impactful, and the things that go not-so-right will not be remembered or noticed by anyone but you. Primarily, it's important to know that it's ok if everything isn't perfect! 

In future posts, I will go thru wedding dress shopping, vendor selection, my decision on whether or not to hire a wedding planner/coordinator, and much more. While this may seem mundane to some, I don't want to forget a moment of this experience & am loving these entries as I reflect back on what was such a momentous time.